Please book your discussion session!

Written on 25.10.2022 19:01 by Bernd Finkbeiner

Dear All, Thanks for a great first course meeting today! The first set of warm-up questions and the first problem set are now available in the "Materials" section. Also, please book the time slot for your discussion session at Please make your choice by the end of the week (31.10.2022, 00:00). 

If none of the offered time slots work for you, or if you run into any other problems, let us know. (If you previously entered your preferences on your personal status page, please make your choice again via the DFN link. Unfortunately, there was a glitch in the system, which did not show you all options.)  

The first discussion sessions will take place on Nov 4. The first office hour is already on Oct 27. Because of the holiday next week, the next lecture will be on Nov 8. See you soon!

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