Extra office hour on Monday

Written on 10.02.2023 15:06 by Bernd Finkbeiner

Thanks, everyone, for a great final round of discussion sessions! Here are a few points that came up today:

  1. Extra office hour on Monday: There will be an additional office hour on Monday, Feb 13, 9-11 am. 
  2. The exam on Tuesday: The exam will consist of four problems; the first problem consists of several true/false questions in the style of our warm-up questions; the other three problems will be in the style of the exercises on the problem sets. 
  3. The co-Büchi condition: Several people noticed that we never formally defined the co-Büchi condition, which is the dual of the Büchi condition. The co-Büchi condition requires that a certain set of states only occurs finitely often. Formally, co-Büchi(F)= {α∈Qω | Inf(α) ∩ F = ∅}.

If any further questions come up, don’t hesitate to send us eMail or to stop by during the extra office hour on Monday. We wish you lots of success in the exam! See you on Tuesday!

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