One-on-one final project discussion session this week

Written on 24.05.2021 11:53 by Anand Narayanan

Hi all,

This week, instead of a lecture, there will be a one-on-one session with students discussing prospective final project reports/presentations. 

Those of you wanting to take the final project/presentation, please send me an email, to secure a time slot sometime between 14-16 hr this wedensday.

If you want to do the project in small groups, but don't have teammates, send me an email and I will try to match you up.

The sessions are informal, discussing your background and interests in the course. We can try to identify topics and papers best suited to you.

In the next few weeks, there are lots of graph theoretic codes and interactive protocol coding coming up. Look up the course plan and also go through the lectures, if you missed them, to know what excites you.


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