Lecture 4 slides/recording

Written on 05.05.2021 17:29 by Anand Narayanan

Hi All,

The most difficult (algebraic-geometric) part of the course is done!

From here on, the lectures will be elementary, self contained and catered towards computer science applications. 



Our lecture may be the easiest way to get started on Garcia-Stichtenoth towers, all the other expositions target advanced mathematics audiences. The best such sources are

1.) Stichtenoth's book (see course description) and


For fast computation of Riemann-Roch spaces of curves over finite fields:

1) For plane curves:

2.) For curves in higher dimensional ambient space:

3.) For Garcia-Stichtenoth towers:

For nearly linear time codes beating the Gilbert-Varshamov bound

(there is a free version on arxiv or email me, I can send you the paper for free as an authour).


Shokrollahi-Wasserman algorithm.


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