Talk Information Update (Seminar on 20.07.2022)

Written on 19.07.2022 11:06 by Mang Zhao


Dear All,

Please note that the type of Ole Heydt's talk is: Bachelor Final

We are sorry for the mistakes in the previous notification.


Speaker: Ole Heydt
Type of talk: Bachelor Final
Advisor: Nils Ole Tippenhauer, Alessandro Erba, John Henry Alvarado
Title: Systematic Evaluation of Stealthy Attacks against Quadcopter Drones
Research Area: RA4

Drones, rovers or more generally Robotic Vehicles (RVs) have long since ceased to be science-fiction. The usability of cyber-physical 
systems in customer industry or the military is widely known. Take for example the advances of Amazon with their "Prime Air" project 
where the aim is to create a drone delivery system for customers that could potentially massively impact the delivery market as a whole.

With both the commercial but also political impact that RVs can potentially hold, one needs to develop security mechanisms which are 
elaborate enough to defend against - on one hand commercial loss (e.g. delivery services), on the other the endangerment of human life (e.g. military drone missions). 
The corruption of cyber-physical systems holds much power as past attacks like Stuxnet prove.

The main challenges of cyber-physical-system security originate from the generally complicated nature of such, as e.g. drones or rovers 
operate on both cyber (software) and physical (robotics) layers. Previous work shows that there already exist various possible attacks 
on RVs like GPS spoofing or acoustic attacks on e.g. gyroscopes that can significantly deviate the vehicles from their programmed paths 
or even lead to crashes. Advances in physics as well as software development and maths are required to develop security mechanisms for RVs. 
In our work we want to discuss and and evaluate attacks against drones (more specifically quad-copters) that were introduced in recent research efforts. 
Additionally we aim to find and create a systematic way of testing and evaluating countermeasures against such attacks. 

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