Exam Locations and Modalities

Written on 05.08.2019 16:13 by Nico Döttling

Correction: In an earlier notification to was stated that the exam is on Friday, but it is on Thursday

Your exam location is assigned on a last-name basis. Last names starting with

  • A - M will take the exam at the Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal (same location as lecture)
  • O - Z will take the exam at HS I in E2 5

The exam starts on Thursday 9:00 straight. Be sure to be at your assigned location at least (!!!) 20 minutes ahead of time, that is at 8:40. We will not permit entry at 9:00 or later.

You are allowed to use a cheat sheet that consists of a single A4 sheet front and back. Cheat sheets will be checked by the exam supervisors.

Any (real) cheating attempt, in particular the use of a smartphone, will lead to immediate failure in the exam.


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