Main Exam

Written on 09.08.2022 16:45 by Anne Müller

Dear Students,

We have seated all participants in the GHH (AudiMo) or HS001 in E1.3, you will find the seat key in the materials section.

The exam takes place Thu. 11.08.22 from 13:30 till 15:30 (120min). We expect to start on time so make sure to be at the room at least 10 min ahead of time.
What you can and cannot bring: You are allowed 1 handwritten cheat sheet A4 front and back. No calculator is allowed.You have to bring a student ID and normal ID. Please mind that you are not allowed to use any additional materials, in particular smart phones. The only exception from this are English dictionaries. You are allowed to answer the exam questions in either German or English. Use a non-erasable black or blue pen. The exam will end at 15:30, and in the last 30 minutes (i.e. after 15:00) you will not be allowed anymore to hand in your exam early and leave.

Corona Rules:
It is strongly recommended to wear a medical face mask if you cannot maintain a safe minimum distance of 1.5 meters (i.e. when entering and leaving the exam room). When you are seated for the exam a distance of 1.5m is maintained.

What if you have flu-like symptoms?
In light of the current infection rates in Saarland, persons who have not recently come into contact with someone with a known or suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection and who are showing only mild signs of illness (e.g. a runny nose and feeling only mildly incapacitated) may visit Saarland University sites. The same applies to people who have a known history of exhibiting similar symptoms due to a pre-existing condition, such as hay fever or a pollen allergy.

If, however, a person is feeling seriously unwell, particularly if they are displaying respiratory and/or flu symptoms or other symptoms relevant to COVID-19, they must stay at home and, when necessary, consult a doctor (initially by phone).

If a doctor is consulted, the doctor will decide whether the patient may continue to visit Saarland University premises or whether a SARS-CoV-2 test is required. If the symptoms occur in persons who are present on Saarland University premises, the affected persons must leave the premises and contact a doctor (initially by phone).

Good luck, stay healthy, and all the Best!

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