Feedback and photos

Written on 21.12.2018 17:26 by Ben Stock

I want to take the chance to thank you all for the feedback so far. Since I cannot respond to the anonymous feedback in the CMS, let me summarize and say that I take this seriously (regarding improvable phrasing of the exercises, slide and solution upload).

  • We will make all solutions available in the week of January 7th. As for the tutorial sheets, this might take a bit longer.
  • The slides are not available before the lecture on purpose. I will consider uploading them, but at the very least without the quizzes). 
  • As far as unclarity on the sheets go: if you feel this way, let us know early on. If possible, we can then change them accordingly.


Apart from that, I hope you have enjoyed the lectures thus far. If you have taken any reasonable quality pictures in today's lecture, I appreciate if you can share them with me via email.

Merry Christmas!

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