Foundations of Cybersecurity 1 Ben Stock


Excluded topics

Written: 04.02.2020 01:54 Written By: Ben Stock

Sorry for the delay, here we go. The following list of topics will not be part of the exam:

- Complementary legal aspects (206, 317)
- HMACs (exact inner workings, understand why simply having MD5(secret||message) is bad)
- Additional security considerations for RSA
- Details on attack on WEP (but understand *how* it is possible)
- Exact ordering of IP header components (but, e.g., have an understanding of how many bits an IPv4 address has)
- Countering BGP Hijacking
- DNSSEC RRSIG details
- logjam and other TLS/SSL attacks
- Basic Principles of Data Protection Law in Germany

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