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Python tutorial

Written: 23.10.2019 08:34
Modified: 23.10.2019 08:36
Written By: Ben Stock

Dear students,

As announced in the lecture, Dominik and Nico are going to offer tutorials, covering the basics to get you started with python programming. The tutorials are going to include some tasks for you to solve by programming, so if possible, please bring a laptop and make sure Python (3.7) is installed. If you want, you also already can install and have a look at Pycharm, a full Python IDE, we can recommend and is free for students (

You can choose the time slot that fits you best:

  • Tue 29th Oct. 10:15, CISPA Lecture Hall
  • Wed 30th Oct. 12:15, CISPA Lecture Hall

You can find the lecture by turning left when entering the CISPA building (pass by the reception desk).

Please use the registration feature in the CMS to sign up for one of the slots. You can find the registrations for the tutorials on your personal page. Given that the lecture hall cannot hold all students, we have limited the capacity per slot to 70 students.

Thank you and we hope to see all of you in the tutorial!

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