Foundations of Cybersecurity 1 Ben Stock


A note about plagiarism

Written: 04.11.2019 14:29 Written By: Ben Stock

Given the feedback from our tutors, I would like to re-iterate my point about plagiarism: if we catch you once, you'll be warned. If we catch you again, you will not be able to take the exam this semester.

Note that taking the exercise solutions from last year is not a great idea. First, some exercises have been changed (and we found that people blindly copied in the old solutions). Second, this is definitely a case for plagiarism. The same applies to copying text from the Web, other students, or books. Note that it also does not help you if you provide the source of the information. All exercises must be done by yourselves.

Finally, we don't have the exercise sheets to keep you or our tutors busy. These are meant as a way for you to familiarize yourselves further with the topics. Naturally, you can try and cheat on them, but it's somewhat pointless: in the end, if you haven't done the exercises, you'll likely have issues in the exam.

Hence, please make sure that you just do the work yourself!

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