Plagiarism, again

Written on 22.11.2021 19:04 by Ben Stock

Dear all,

on the sheet due today, we found a number of cases where solutions were plagiarized. After discussions with the tutors, they have flagged all cases we are confident about as such. You can find that information in your personal status if it affects you. Also, this sheet will be counted as 0 points. For any repeated offenses, we will exclude the students from the exam and report this to the examination board.

Also, let me remind you what the first lecture (page 10) specifies as plagiarism:

All exercises need to be handed in as individual/group solutions

-No copying from some resources

-No copying from other students

-No copying from previous years (including your own solutions)

 Should your exercise have been flagged as plagiarised and you disagree with that assessment (given the above criteria), you can reach out to me via email and arrange a meeting. Otherwise, for those affected, this is your first and only warning. It might seem like I am very harsh on this, but this is only because other students have similarly much on their plate and do not resort to this type of cheating. Hence, in the interest of fairness, we have to take the measures outlined above.

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