Change of lecture and tutorial formats

Written on 24.11.2021 21:27 by Ben Stock

Dear all,

after extensive discussions with my tutors and other lecturers on campus, I have decided that I do not feel comfortable with increased risk of exposure for the tutors and you. This means that effective this week, all tutorials will be online. Also, the lecture will no longer be hybrid and instead exclusively online through the usual Zoom link from next Monday onwards.

As much as I appreciate the experience of in-person teaching, I believe this is the only sensible decision given the increasing escalation of the fourth wave. I also understand that this is incredibly frustrating for you as students since it seemed that the "new normal" might just work for the winter term. While the overall risk of exposure in a lecture hall is much lower compared to, e.g., a full restaurant or bar, I frankly do not think it is worth it. I sincerely hope that we can switch back to in-person events for the summer term and hope to eventually get to know many of you without a mask on.

If you have thoughts on this decision you want to share anonymously, feel free to use the CMS feature. Alternatively, feel free to mail me directly.

Stay healthy & hopefully keep your spirits up!

 Ben Stock

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