Lecture and tutorial formats

Written on 15.10.2021 15:14 by Ben Stock

Welcome all to this year's iteration of Foundations of Cybersecurity 1.

This year's lecture format will be hybrid, i.e., we will have in-person lectures in the Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal (GHH for short, building E2.2), which are also streamed through a Zoom webinar. For information on how to access those (and the recordings), please see the CMS course page (Information -> Access to lectures). In-person meetings will likely include mask mandates (unless the capacity is low, in which case sufficient space can be left between students) and students have to register through the Staysio app for each lecture. Should you not wish to use the app, you have to bring in the "alternative sheet" ( to the lectures, which I have to then collect. Beyond that, I recommend usage of the Corona Warn App, for which I will have a QR code on the slides.

Note that where possible, attending lectures in person is desirable. This allows you to easily ask questions (also possible through Zoom, but only through the chat) and gives me a non-verbal feedback from the audience to identify potential misunderstandings.

Contrary to the lecture, tutorials cannot be hybrid (mostly due to lack of equipment for recording/streaming). Hence, they can either be online or offline. By default, we plan to have all tutorials in an in-person setting. To assess the need for a potential online tutorial, please fill out the doodle at Feel free to just use a nickname or your initials instead of your full name in the poll. Even if you do not care, please fill the doodle and indicate select both options (or none, but please participate so I know how many people have voted).

Looking forward to seeing many of you in the lecture next week and have a nice weekend until then!

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