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saarsec CTF workshop (TL;DR: apply your IT security skills in practice)

Written: 15.03.2022 19:02 Written By: Ben Stock

Hello there,

we, the Capture-the-Flag Team saarsec, consisting of students and lecturers from Saarland University, are giving a workshop to familiarize students with Capture-the-Flag competitions as well as attacking and defending against security vulnerabilities. CTFs are a great way to actually fiddle around with the practical details of mounting attacks and defenses that were theoretically discussed during your studies. This practical experience can not only be beneficial for your studies but also come in handy during later stages of your career. The workshop starts with a short introduction to Linux, followed by different topics such as File Inclusions, SQL Injections, and Command Injections. For each topic, we will discuss how we can find these vulnerabilities, exploit them on a large scale, and how we can fix them. Then, for each each topic, you'll spend more than 50% of the time in each slot on actual challenges.

At the end, we will host a CTF for all workshop participants where they can use their newly acquired skills against each other.


Q: When and where?

A: April 9th and 10th, format to be decided based on Covid numbers (to be announced the week before the workshop)

Q: Requirements?

A: We do not require any certain skills as we will start with the basics. However, the knowledge from Cysec1 or Security is definitely an advantage.

Q: Sounds awesome! Where can I register or get more information?


See you there,


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