Tutorial bidding, seating in GHH, and lecture slides

Written on 25.10.2021 09:22 by Ben Stock

Good morning! I wanted to quickly remind you to please bid on your tutorial preferences. The deadline is tonight, after that we will assign the tutorials.

Also, since this might have caused some confusion last week: the mask mandate in GHH can be lifted if everyone is seated in a seat with a green dot. In that case, sufficient distance is guaranteed. Just because you are seated in a green-dotted seat does not imply you can take off your mask. Based on my guesstimate of the attendance last week, it should be possible to only use green-dotted seats. Hence, when coming in, please use those only.

Finally, the slides for today's lecture are on the CMS. Feel free to take a look up front and/or have them ready to annotate. 

See you at noon!

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