Foundations of Cyber Security II Christian Rossow, Robert K√ľnnemann


Please install proverif // no need to learn inference rules by hard

Written: 18.06.2018 17:50
Modified: 18.06.2018 17:51
Written By: Robert K√ľnnemann


First off, the next lecture and exercise will heavily rely on ProVerif. So please download it at (It can also be installed via opam, which is a breeze to use in Linux and MacOS. For Windows, there are binaries.) You need to use it for the exercise. Considering that the last and the current exercise sheet have been heavy on points and effort, we will scale back for the next one. So while you are sweating over that reduction sequence, you can look forward to ProVerif doing the hard work for you!

Second, it was asked whether you need to learn the inference rules by hard. That is not the case.

Cheers, Robert

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