Foundations of Cyber Security II Christian Rossow, Robert K√ľnnemann


Main Exam - Update

Written: 30.07.2018 14:09
Modified: 30.07.2018 20:39
Written By: Jonas Bushart

UPDATE: Please make sure you are still on rev 2 of the seating plan. The first version used some wrong data.

In preparation of the main exam on Thursday, here are a few notes.

1. The exam will be held in the GHH (E2.2). We will start at 10 sharp, so make sure to be there in time.

2. We have released a seating plan, which you can find in the materials section. Make sure to verify that your matriculation number is on it. If you registered for the exam, but your number is not on the list, write me an email now! You are not allowed to take part in the exam, if you are missing from the list.


Do not forget to bring your student ID and a non-erasable pen for writing. You are allowed one hand written cheat sheet (size A4) and may use an English/German dictionary.

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