Foundations of Cyber Security II Christian Rossow, Robert K√ľnnemann


Tutorial planning: No tutorial on April 30, Python tutorial on April 23

Written: 18.04.2018 15:50 Written By: Christian Rossow

Please note the following changes to our original tutorial schedule:

  1. To not stand in your way for the upcoming bridge day just before May 1, we will not have tutorials on April 30. Instead, we will discuss the first two exercise sheets in the week after on May 7th.
  2. We will have two out-of-band tutorials on upcoming Monday, April 23. Michael Brengel will give you an introduction to Python, which especially those students without any background in Python are highly encouraged to attend. Both tutorials will cover identical content and last about 90 min. Feel free to choose the time slot that suites you more. Monday 10:00 will be in GHH (our normal lecture hall), and Monday 14:00 will be in HS001 in E1 3 (CS building).

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