Foundations of Cyber Security II Christian Rossow, Robert K√ľnnemann


Plagiarism in Exercise Sheet Submissions

Written: 29.05.2018 16:44 Written By: Jonas Bushart

This notice serves as a warning: Unfortunately, we have discovered cases of plagiarism in the exercise sheet submissions. We have automated ways of identifying such plagiarism, and once found, treat fraud cases very serious. We thus highly suggest to follow these rules:

  • It is OK to submit your solution in teams of up to two persons. It is fraudulent if multiple teams share the same solution. While we encourage you to discuss the sheets collaboratively even in larger groups, each submission has to be individual.
  • Articulate your solutions using your own wording and refrain from copying text you found elsewhere. If need be, please mark and cite any text parts that you copied from other sources (e.g., books, online articles, etc.)

Please take this advice into account for any subsequent submission, if you have not done so already. Any violation may disqualify you from this lecture (and, in the worst case, from the overall study program).

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