Foundations of Cyber Security II Christian Rossow, Robert K√ľnnemann


Revised lecture script and typo in exercise sheet

Written: 07.06.2018 17:41 Written By: Robert K√ľnnemann


Thanks to a kind student, I've fixed a typo (missing parenthesis) in the exercise sheet. I've also updated the script to include more examples. Furthermore:

  • The script contains the slides, so I won't put the slides online. The margin notes are the slide titles, to help you synchronise your notes with the script.
  • The exercises in the script are exactly those in the exercise sheets.
  • I will only announce updates to the script or exercises if I think revisiting is necessary, and in that case provide an errata. The CMS bounces the revision number on each update, so you will notice minor improvements that way.

Cheers, Robert

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