CySec II -- Getting Started (READ THIS)

Written on 29.04.2020 22:34 by Christian Rossow

We have several news about the CySec II lecture. Please read them carefully.

Lecture Videos

We have just released the slides, videos and book materials of the first three topics (actually, two, plus some introductory notes). You can find them on YouTube. Further topics will follow as the lecture progresses, latest one week before the lecture.

Note that we're still in the learning phase to perfectionate the lecture videos. There are known minor issues in the first 2-3 videos that will be fixed in upcoming videos (e.g., clearer handwriting, 1080p quality, no overlap between the multiple inputs). If you have further suggestions for improvement, please send us an email or use the CMS feedback form. We will try to incorporate your feedback to the extent possible. Finally, note that we will list errata in the video descriptions, so please pay attention to them.

Live Lectures

On May 7 at 2pm, we will start our weekly live lectures using Zoom. Live lectures will feature a Q&A session, deepen some of the contents with additional slides, and a live online quizz. Attendance is not mandatory, but highly advised. Find the Zoom link, meeting ID and password on the CMS "Materials" page. You can also dial in via phone (details here). To spare resources, we will disable videos of all participants, and also initially mute everyone. If you would like to ask a question, please use the "raise hand" feature in Zoom. Please test your hardware setup before the lecture not to miss any content on the first day. Experience has shown that technical problems may arise that require some debugging.

In the third lecture week, we have to "evade" a holiday (May 21, Corpus Christi) and move our lecture to May 20, Wed, 2pm. Please understand that we cannot just drop this lecture, as we already have lost quite a few weeks due to the delayed semester start.

Reexam date

We moved the re-exam to Fri Oct 16, 10am, to comply to the exam period recommendations by the CS department.


The first exercise sheet will be available right after the first lecture on May 7.

You'll be allowed, and actually highly encouraged (!!!), to work on the exercises in groups of two students. In this term, without any doubt, it will be harder to find group partners given the lack of physical presence. To foster the process of forming groups, we offer the help in terms of an Askbot thread where you can leave your contact details in case you're still looking for a team partner (which basically should be the vast majority of you). Don't be afraid of forming groups already now. Groups can be rearranged with every exercise sheet, so you will not enter a long-term commitment should you become unhappy about your partner. We will treat individual and groups submissions fully equally, thus working in a group will lower your effort.

Once you've formed a group, use the CMS group feature to indicate your team members and submit your exercise solutions. As we'd like to allow group changes over time, please note that you have to re-specify your team mate in CMS for every submission even if it did not change from the previous one.

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