Final presentations

Written on 08.01.2020 15:07 by Katharina Krombholz

I am looking forward to your final presentations. As the last two sessions of the seminar will be very compact, we will start each session at 10.00! Please be on time and stay within the 10 minutes for your presentation! We will be very strict with the time limits to ensure fairness for all seminar participants. If you have any doubts about whether your laptop/tablet will work with the projector in the seminar room, please test it before. I would like to schedule the presentations in the order of you volunteering for slots during the last session. Please swap with one of your colleagues if you wish to change the order (and let me know about these changes)

Presentation schedule:

14.1.20 21.1.20
Jonas Sravni
Abhilash Jannis
Vinay Rishab
Sridar Simon
Suraksha Olli
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