Seminar Presentation and LSF Registration

Geschrieben am 09.06.2022 14:10 von Divyanshu Bhardwaj

Dear students,

The final presentation for the seminar is scheduled for Wednesday, June 22nd. We intend to start exactly at 2pm (not 2.15pm), as most of you will be presenting on that day. As such, please make sure to be on time. You can also come a bit earlier to make sure your presentation setup works. If you want, you can upload a copy of your slides to CMS by Tuesday, June 21st, to make sure you have a working copy. This is however, not mandatory.


The registration for the seminar on the LSF is open till Friday, June 17th. Please make sure to register yourself on the LSF. This is very important.


Thank you and good luck,


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