Slides&Notes now available, Final Report

Written on 01.02.2019 13:02 by Swen Jacobs

Dear students,

I have now made available (under Materials) the slides of your talks, as well as photos of the whiteboard from our discussions. Both should help you in writing your final report that is due February 28.

As explained on the introductory slides, the report should contain at the very least a short summary of all papers you read (about half a page per paper). To get full points, it should also include an analysis of the papers (strengths, weaknesses, possible extensions,...) and a comparison between them. You are free to choose an appropriate structure yourself (e.g., each summary directly followed by an analysis and comparison, or first all the summaries and then a separate part on analysis and comparison). None of this has to go into the formal details, and the expected length of the report is 8-12 pages.

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