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Technical Issues Solved!

Written: 20.04.2022 16:33 Written By: Sebastian Roth


First of all, sorry for the technical issues during today's lecture.

In order to lower the number of disconnects during the lecture, we asked the CISPA IT to provide a more stable connection in the lecture hall such that we do not rely on eduroam anymore.
So hopefully, we will not face any disconnects in the next lecture.

Regarding the technical issues of the Gameserver and the Infrastructure: 
We have found (and fixed) the issues. So everything should work now.
Notably, we needed to generate new Basic Auth credentials, Leak secrets, as well as new SSH keys. 
Thus, you need to re-download those because the old keys are not working anymore. Sorry for that inconvenience.

We have already uploaded the InfrastructureHowTo slides to the CMS. However, the recording(s) need to be put together due to the disconnects and will be online soon (latest tomorrow).

In case you still face technical issues, do not hesitate to write me on Mattermost (or via Email). 

Sorry again for the issues, kind regards,

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