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Unintended / copied solutions

Written: 01.06.2022 15:49 Written By: Ben Stock

Hi all,

unfortunately, we found that some students copied in solutions from one challenge to others. Further, some people also used test accounts (test/test) to solve a challenge, which others then also used and found the readily available flags. Since we give points for solving challenges instead of merely finding flags, I have updated the database for a number of students who had quite obviously not done the exercises themselves. This also involves students that had solutions which were surprising similar to those of fellow participants or are copies of prior years' solutions. Should you be affected by this (your solution is flagged as solved after the deadline) and disagree with my above assumption, let me know.

I would like to note again that each student must individually solve the exercises. Failing to do so may be grounds for not being admitted to the exam. Please see this as the final warning to anyone. If you found a flag which was (accidentally?) left there by others, please inform us right away so we can reset the challenge. If you only noticed it after submitting, we can reset the solved challenge for you and you can properly solve it. 

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