Comparing Fuzzing Techniques Andreas Zeller + Rahul Gopinath


Next seminar meeting: Friday, July 5 (with seminar evaluation)

Written: 02.07.2019 15:54 Written By: Andreas Zeller

Dear all,

Our next seminar meeting will take place on July 5 (13:30, as usual).  We will have one last project presentation (from last week) and can spend some time discussing open evaluation issues.  We're all still very excited about your last results!

In this meeting, we will also distribute and fill out evaluation sheets for the seminar.  Should you not be able to join on Friday, and pass by CISPA anyway, you can also pick up a sheet in Rahul's office (CISPA, Room 206) and fill it out right away.

Looking forward to see you, and best wishes,

Andreas + Rahul

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