Welcome to Security Testing!

Written on 18.10.2021 18:23 by Andreas Zeller

Welcome to the "Security Testing" course! We very much look forward meeting you every Tuesday at 16:15 – either

In this first meeting (and we hope that many of you will join us in person!), we are going to introduce you to the organization of the course, and happily take and address all your questions. Note that the discussion meetings will not be recorded.

Here are some first steps for you to get started for the course:

  1. Check out the book: Go to The Fuzzing Book (beta version) and check out the first chapter "Introduction to Software Testing". We will update all chapters with introduction videos in the next days, so you can read and watch :-)
  2. Toy with the code: From any chapter, select "Resources → Edit as Notebook" in the top menu, and enter a Jupyter Notebook where you can interact with the code as you like.
  3. Get the program code: Follow the instructions on how to install the code and get started with Python. However, instead of "pip install fuzzingbook", however, please use
        $ pip install --extra-index-url fuzzingbook==1.0rc2
    and you should get an all-new FuzzingBook 1.0 package that auto-installs all dependencies and is updated for Python 3.9.
    (We will release this package into the official pip channel in a week from now, so "pip install fuzzingbook" will get you the same as the above)

If you need help, we offer a Mattermost channel where you can find chat rooms for all sorts of questions regarding the course, exercises, and projects.

And of course, there always is the course page with all news and links:

Looking forward to work with you, and see you soon!

Andreas + Leon + Marius

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