Important information regarding face-to-face lectures and courses

Written on 18.10.2021 18:39 by Andreas Zeller

Dear students,

welcome back on campus. Lectures and courses can be held again in presence. But whoever participates in such an event at the university must provide the 3G verification, which means either complete vaccination, recovery or a negative test (twice a week). Therefore, we ask you to read the following information carefully, because an official control can be expected at any time.

The 3G verification is done by using and truthfully stating it in the Staysio-App  . If you are unable to enroll yourself via smartphone, use this web form


It can be filled out and printed online beforehand and must be submitted to the instructor(s) prior to the event. It will then be kept for four weeks in accordance with our data protection declaration and then destroyed.

If you have a smartphone but cannot download the app

If you are unable to download the Staysio App, in particular due to a foreign account in the Playstore or Appstore, you can also use this web application:

1.       Scan the posted QR code with a QR reader app that you have installed on your cell phone With modern devices, this function is often integrated directly into the camera. Open the linked website that is displayed to you

2.       In the opened page you are asked if you want to install the app or continue to the web registration. If you choose the web registration, you will be redirected to the registration form.

3.       Create your contact details and those of your accompanying person(s) once. The created contacts will be saved on your smartphone for future visits

4.       If all persons are registered, you can register all of them with the corresponding button. The logout is automatically performed overnight.

 Please constantly check the official information on the website of Saarland University

All the best,

The CS Department

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