Today's announcements and more videos

Written on 19.10.2021 18:43 by Andreas Zeller

Dear all,

Thanks for attending today's lecture! This was our first hybrid lecture, and given all the things that could have gone wrong, we feel it went rather well :-) For those of you who could not attend, we have recorded the part with all the important announcements and questions:

We also have started adding videos to the chapters assigned to you for reading (this week: Introduction to Testing). As of now, you will find all chapters with videos on

which is the site we use for testing before things get moved to the "official" site at In a week from now, our tests for fuzzingbook 1.0 will be complete and from then on, both sites should be synchronized.

Our first exercise sheet will go out by tomorrow, letting you get acquainted with Python and Jupyter.

Enjoy the read!



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