Kick-Off Meeting

Written on 04.05.2020 12:45 by Ben Stock

Hi all,

welcome to the INPAWS proseminar. Sorry for the radio silence thus far, but we have been quite busy with DP3T in the last days.

For the kickoff tomorrow (14:00), we will use Zoom (and for all subsequent meetings as well). While the government has technically allowed the university to re-open, this is not something we consider adequate risk. We understand that Zoom isn't a perfect solution, but neither is Teams or Webex. If you are worried, you can use the Web client of Zoom.

You can find all relevant information about how to connect to the Zoom meeting at In tomorrow's kick-off, we will present the topics and the associated advisors, and will ask you to choose from them until the end of the day. This allows us to quickly do the assignment and inform you about your topic.

Until then, please make sure that you Zoom setup is working properly. For now, most importantly, check that microphone and camera work. As Zoom recently changed things due to Zoom bombing, you have to have a (free) account with Zoom. So, please make sure that is also already set up.

See you all tomorrow!

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