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Written: 01.06.2021 17:59
Modified: 02.06.2021 13:27
Written By: Leo Dessani

Hi all,

Some people asked me about the exact exam dates. I already provided the dates to you in the second tutorial, but I will summarize all details about the exams here again:

When will the exams take place?

The final exam will take place on 9th of August 2021. The re-exam will take place on 12th of October 2021.

Can I improve my grade after passing the first exam (by taking the re-exam)?

Yes, this is possible if it is allowed according to your exam regulations as the lecture is an advanced lecture ("Vertiefungsvorlesung"). Please check your exam regulations if you think about this.

What else do I have to consider?

We were informed that you need to register in accordance with regulations at least one week before the (re-)exam.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me.


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