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Written on 18.04.2023 17:12 by Leo Dessani

Hi all,

There are currently more than 130 participants registered for the lecture IT Forensics in the CMS. Depending on how many participants are seriously interested in attending the tutorial on-site, the room capacity on Thursday may not be sufficient for all participants. In the past years, the number of participants with a serious interest in the tutorial has been about equal to the number of seats in the room we have been assigned. However, especially in the beginning, it is difficult to predict how many of you will attend the tutorial on-site.

We have therefore set up a survey to estimate how many of you would like to attend the tutorial on-site. The survey can be found at:

Please participate in the survey only (!) if you want to attend the tutorial on-site! If you want to attend the tutorial online via zoom, do not participate in the survey! There is no disadvantage by participating online and in general there is no attendance requirement for the tutorial.

If you pariticipate in the survey, please do so until tomorrow, 7 pm. Check your mails after that, as we will let you know how attendance will be arranged (depending on the number of registrations).

If any of you have specific reasons why attendance is only possible on-site, please email me until tomorrow, 7 pm, at


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