Exam Q&A next week

Written on 11.02.2022 09:08 by Sven Bugiel

Dear all,

unfortunately, due to sickness, I need to move the exam Q&A to next week Friday at 10:15 AM, Since this is outside of the lecture period and in the exam period, this date might not fit for all. Although the Zoom call next week will be recorded, please send me beforehand any questions you have regarding the exam procedure or the lecture content and I will send around question plus my answer. Please also use the Mattermost

About the procedure, the most important things once more:

  • the exams take 120min and you can can get max 100 Pts, where 50 Pts are needed to pass
  • the exams are closed book, i.e., NO cheat sheets, printed lecture slides, books, etc; only a dictionary is allowed
  • relevant content for the exams are the exercises and the lecture slides

  • NOT relevant are the "research du jour" slides from the lecture slides and the referenced papers/books

  • I uploaded last year's exam and backup exam to the CMS, so you can get an idea in which way we are asking questions


Best regards,

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