Tomorrow's lecture only as recording

Written on 02.12.2021 16:49 by Sven Bugiel

Tomorrow's introduction into Android system programming will be released as a recording via Youtube but does not take place live, since there are various waiting periods in which the system build is running and which make a live lecture rather long-drawn-out. Questions regarding system building and the project can be asked in the tutorials, Mattermost, or after the next lectures.

The course project will be done in teams of two students.

Your TODOs:

  1. Find a team partner until next week Wednesday latest and enter your team partner's matriculation nr. into a new field in the CMS.
  2. Each team will get one Build VM assigned. You will use SSH to access your VM. Each team has to provide an SSH PUBLIC key via a new field in the CMS. Again: we need the PUBLIC SSH key from you.
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