Appointments for Exams

Written on 19.03.2021 15:09 by Nico Döttling

Dear Students,

To avoid any misunderstanding, while the LSF says the exam is on the 22.03, this will not the actual date of your exam. As I have said in the lecture, there is only a date because it was required by the administration.

That out of the way, we have 27 registrations for the exam and will naturally not be able to do them all on the same day. Due to an important deadline we will only be able to conduct most exams after the 12.04. If you need the points for the exam urgently please let us know, we will be able to conduct a small number of oral exams next week (there is one inquiry for this so far). Other than that, we will set 3 date choices in the week starting the 12.04.

Thanks for your understanding and Best Regards,

Nico Döttling

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