Slides + Deadlines + LSF + HotCRP

Written on 21.11.2023 12:44 by Maximilian Golla

Thank you all for participating and contributing today! 😇

The slides of today's lecture are uploaded to the Materials page.

- Please remember to register via LSF; otherwise, your participation in the seminar does not count. This is your last chance!

Seminar Paper:
- The seminar submission deadline is December 22, 2023, at 11:59 pm via HotCRP (only upload the PDF file).
- I will contact you again in December to remind you about the upcoming deadline.
- After receiving your reviews, please incorporate the suggestions into your final submission (February 9, 11:59 pm again via HotCRP).


- I will contact you after the deadline about your assigned review (this is also done on HotCRP)
- The review submission deadline is January 19, 2023, at 11:59 pm via HotCRP (there is no file; just enter your text into the review form).


- I will contact you in January so you can vote on your preferred date for your talk (3x talk slots on January 30 and 3x talk slots on February 6).
- For your presentation, there is no PowerPoint template; just use what you prefer.
- If you need any hardware during your talk, please contact me at least one week in advance.

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