Hiwi job from Dr. Giancarlo Pellegrino

Written on 10.07.2020 16:12 by Yang Zhang

Dear all,

Dr. Giancarlo Pellegrino ( from CISPA is looking for a HIWI, if you are interested, please contact him directly via email ( The advertisement is as follows.



Hi all,

I am looking for a very motivated student for a project in my group at the intersection of web security and adversarial machine learning. The success of this project requires the following skills:

1) [required] Knowledge on adversarial machine learning, e.g., generating adversarial examples using Tensorflow (other framework are fine too as long as you know how to migrate models). The interested student should have attended one of the ML and security lectures at UdS (e.g., Machine Learning in Cyber Security by Prof. Fritz) or have self-taught skills on the subject.

2) [optional] Knowledge of browser extensions and independence in reversing Chrome extension JS code also when minified or lightly obfuscated;

Drop me an email if interested and we can schedule a chat and explain the specifics of the project.

Also, feel free to share this message and my email address to other students!

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