Feedback: Talk #1

Written on 20.11.2019 18:33 by Stefan N├╝rnberger

Dear students,

I wanted to give you some feedback on today's talk so that you know how I judge the quality and it's easier to judge for you what is good and what is bad. 

First, a big shout-out to the first team as they couldn't use the opportunity to watch another group make mistakes and they were moving in unchartered waters.

My assessment:

Overall, I think the self-set goal of the setting (car managers) was well implemented and reflected in the pitch itself. The gimmicks like business cards, the anecdote in the beginning and the pamphlet you threw on the table were fitting for that scenario. They show that you put thought in your pitch design. Well done!

However, there were also a few things that can be improved and that the next teams should avoid. This time, because you were first, I ignored them ;-)

  • the overall tone was high-level marketing without substantial evidence to back them up: e.g., "we're the best out there" is something everybody could say. You were allowed to make up your idea and your progress, so you could have just pretended to have performed better than a competitor. For example, include a table that shows who else is in that market and choose realistic features to compare yourself with them. Be honest about them, so it's not necessary to be better in all categories in that comparison
  • some managers (as they were the fictive target audience) might have been offended by the bullish and partly arrogant confidence in your product. Confidence is very necessary but should be conveyed through rational arguments such as statistics, comparisons, user studies or simply customers that you already have




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