Geschrieben am 02.04.24 von Anne Müller

Dear Students,

this is a reminder to send the reports of your topic to your supervisor by Friday, 5th of April, 2024.



Presentation Dates

Geschrieben am 04.03.24 (letzte Änderung am 04.03.24) von Anne Müller

Dear Students,


the seminar presentations will take place on Wednesday 20.03.24 and  Thursday 21.03.24 from 4pm to 6pm .

Please let your supervisor know if this is possible for you.


Presentation Dates

Geschrieben am 31.01.24 von Anne Müller

Dear Students,


we will have to move the seminar presentations to a later date (approx 1 month).

Please contact your supervisor to confirm that you have received this message and let them know if this change of dates is possible for you.


Sorry for the inconvenience

Seminar Presentations

Geschrieben am 18.12.23 von Anne Müller

Dear Students,

the presentations will take place on the 7th and 8th of February from 4pm to 6pm in room 0.07 in the Cispa building.




Quantum Basics Lecture

Geschrieben am 15.11.23 von Anne Müller

Dear students,


the Quantum Basics Lecture will take place on Monday 20.11.23 at 4:00pm in room S016 in E1.3.

Don't forget to sign up for the Seminar on LSF!

Geschrieben am 14.11.23 von Nico Döttling

Dear Students,

please remember to sign up for this seminar on the LSF until latest 04.12.23, otherwise you may risk to not get a certificate for the seminar!


Geschrieben am 13.11.23 von Nico Döttling

Dear Students,

please find the assignments in the materials section. For the students who could not attend the assignment session, please reach out to us once you are available such that we can assign you a paper. 

Topic Assignment Meeting

Geschrieben am 10.11.23 von Nico Döttling

Dear Everyone,

We will meet on Monday, 13.11.23 at 17:00 in Room 3.21 in the CISPA building for the topic assignment. 

See you then!


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