Exam and Project

Written on 24.03.2020 09:20 by Swen Jacobs

Dear students,

here are some news regarding exam and project.

Regarding the exam: since we will not be able to take a written exam on the scheduled date of April 3, you will have two options:

1. take an *oral* exam on April 3 via videoconference, or

2. take a written exam *at some later time* that is not determined yet. We will try to figure out something asap.

Please let me know until Sunday which one you prefer.


Regarding the project, here are some clarifications:

1. Some of the benchmark examples do not use all identifiers or all colors in the given range (i.e., the highest id is n but some id smaller than n is not used, or similarly for colors). Please make sure that your implementation supports such examples.

2. Some benchmark examples also give a start vertex. You do not have to support these.

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