Project Materials, Changes to Schedule and Organization

Written on 17.03.2020 20:17 by Swen Jacobs

Dear students,

the project files are now all online:
- the PGSolver files and benchmark library
- a Python BDD package
- a code example for attractor computation
- basic parser files in Python and Java
- a file that defines the output format for strategies, should you decide to implement strategy extraction

The parser files include a basic ANTLR grammar that can parse multiple lines of the PGSolver format. You have to extend it yourself to make it read a full PGSolver input file and match your intended functionality in your program. We recommend you extend the basic parser based on ANTLR that we provide, but if you prefer to implement a parser in a different way then that's also fine.

We have also included a version in Java that includes some additional example code that takes the resulting parse tree and prints it in a LISP-style human-readable format. Please have a look at the readme files and let us know if something does not work for you.

Moreover, as already announced yesterday, we have to make some on-the-fly adjustments to the organization of the rest of the course. Since there was a delay in getting all the project material online from our side, we will extend both the checkpoint and the final submission of the project by a couple of days:

- the checkpoint date is Tuesday, March 24
- final submission is Tuesday, March 31

Finally, all meetings will only be virtual (using Skype or a similar video conferencing software), we will write a separate news item with a link that lets you sign up for time slots.

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