Practical 3 results + final challenge

Written on 01.02.2021 17:33 by Michael Schwarz


the results from the last practical are now available, and also the final points over all the practicals. You can find both lists in the test system. As written in the CMS, the maximum number of points is 50, and you need at least 26 points to qualify for the exam. I'm really impressed with how many of you achieved the maximum number of points. Well done!

There is a final, maybe a bit surprising, lecture challenge. I'd like to have feedback regarding the practicals. I decided to make this a lecture challenge as well, such that you can immediately benefit from giving feedback ;) The feedback is, of course, anonymous. When filling out the anonymous form, you will receive the flag which you can submit to get your points. You can, of course, also give feedback via the CMS or mail - the more feedback you give me, the happier I am. 


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