Written on 31.01.2022 08:31 by Michael Schwarz


the exam is already next week (8.2.2022 10:00), so do not forget to register in LSF. The registration deadline ends tomorrow!

A few details regarding the exam:

  • The exam takes place in person on February 8, 10:00 in room E9 1.
  • You need at least 26 points in the practical part to be admitted to the exam
  • The university hygiene rules apply, so there is 3G for the exam
  • No lecture notes or any other materials are allowed during an exam
  • The lecture-challenge system closes on 07.02.2022 23:59. Until then, you can collect bonus points for the exam. If you did not register with your student mail address, you have to write your username on the exam sheet to get the points!


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