Additional Binary for Challenge 3

Written on 15.12.2021 21:03 by Daniel Weber

Hello together,

unfortunately, we figured out that the binary for challenge 3 made the challenge for some systems harder to solve than originally intended. This led to some exploits working locally (on your systems) but not on our server. We apologize for that.

Hence, we pushed a patched binary [1] for challenge 3 to the upstream repository and we recommend that you should develop your attacks against this new binary [1]. As we do not want to negatively impact students that already have working solutions against our original binary [2] we will test your exploits against both binaries and you will pass the test if your exploit works against one of them.





[1]: md5sum of new binary: abb3facf71e8ba4897febe6818ed4df2
[2]: md5sum of old binary: ee4e586d4fa4d9ed66f7b8c0e6a0da93

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