Second Exam will be oral for now

Written on 11.04.2020 08:52 by Nils Ole Tippenhauer

We hope you are all healthy during the current lockdown. As it is currently unlikely that we will be able to have normal written re-exams for the Security class, we now plan to hold oral exams, in particular for people that need the exam to pass the class. We have created another registration here on CMS for students to indicate their interest to participate. We will have to see how many people require this exam, as we cannot host infinite number of oral exams due to our limited time. We will coordinate with the university afterwards in terms of LSF registrations etc.

Please register for the oral exam within a week (until April 17). We then plan to hold them between April 17 and 24, all timeslots will be coordinated with you individually. You will require a computer with internet connection, we will use Zoom most likely (free to install on Win/OSX/Linux). Please contact Giancarlo and Nils (both in the same mail) if you have questions or comments.
If you do not agree to this alternative oral exam, we expect that you will be able to write a written re-exam after current restrictions are lifted (e.g. end of next term, or next year when the class runs again). As there are a lot of elements out of our control, we cannot guarantee this at the moment though. If you take the oral exam now, you will likely not have a third attempt to take this final.

In general, the oral exam will work as following:
We are going to talk about 2-3 topics, for at total maybe 25 minutes.
Giancarlo and I will let you propose a first topic (from class). You
will then explain that topic to us, and we will ask questions to see how
well you have understood it from the lecture.
After the first topic, we will select 1-2 further topics to discuss.
A TA will take notes.

Content-wise: everything covered in the lecture could be asked. Core
concepts and high level understanding is more important than details
(but those could eventually also be asked).

I might also ask you to do a simple calculation or sketch. Please have
some paper at hand for that.
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