MiniCTF is over & Exam registration & Exam prep tutorial

Written on 10.02.2022 12:35 by Simon Schwarz

Dear students,

  • The MiniCTF competition has finished. Final standings are:

    • 🏆 Ich hoffe wir können den Namen noch ändern
    • 🥈 U+039F
    • 🥉 Dionysus

    In total, 8 teams reached the full 10 points. Congratulations!

  • The points for the MiniCTF and challenge stability should now be visible on your personal status page. If you reached half of the points (30 points) in the overall lecture, you are admitted to the exam.

  • You have to register for the exam in LSF until 01.03. to be able to participate in the exam. If your study course does not support LSF please register on the platform for your course and in our CMS system (on your personal status page) until 01.03.

  • We will offer an exam preparation tutorial on the 16.02 at 14:15-16:00. In this slot, we will present some tips and tricks for the exam, talk about typical mistakes as well as give the opportunity to ask questions.

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