Hybrid Lecture, Tutorials & Exercise Sheet 1

Written on 02.11.2021 11:48 by Simon Schwarz

Dear students,

here is a quick update on the lecture, tutorials, and exercises:

  • Based on your feedback in the Doodle poll, we will hold the lecture from tomorrow onwards as a hybrid lecture (until further notice). If you plan to attend online, nothing should change. But now you also have the option to attend the lecture in person in GHH. The link to the online lecture will stay the same. We plan to record the lecture and release it via Youtube as usual (if the technical setup in hybrid allows this).

  • The assignment for the tutorials has been released and can be found on your personal status page. The first tutorials will take place next week (08.11. - 12.11.). Afterwards, tutorials will be held bi-weekly. Online tutorials will be held on our Discord server. In-person tutorials will take place in the room shown on your personal status page.

  • The first exercise sheet has been released. This sheet must be submitted digitally via CMS on your personal status page. Groups of two students are allowed. If you want to submit in a group, make sure that you create a team on your personal status page in CMS and invite your group partner. Furthermore, do always include the names and matriculation numbers of all team members on your submission. The submission deadline is 15.11. at 16:59.

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