MiniCTF & Exercise Sheet 4

Written on 16.12.2021 15:05 by Simon Schwarz

Dear students,

we have released a document with instructions for the MiniCTF competition. Please have a look at The first milestone is to find a team of 4 people, which should be completed by 04.01.2022. Please read through the instructions to find a detailed description of what to do. Please note that the second milestone will officially start on 06.01.2022.

Furthermore, the fourth exercise sheet has been released and can be found in the Materials section. In order for you to be able to take time off during the holidays and not stress you with the exercise sheet, note that submission is due on 12.01.2022.

Lastly, we wish you a merry Christmas and hope that you can enjoy your break.

Best wishes,
your Security team


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